Map & Directions

Law Offices of Gary W. Greif, P.C.

Plaza 290
5316 W. Highway 290, Ste. 210
Austin, TX 78735

Phone: (512) 454-7635
Fax: (512) 454-8060

We are close to the intersection of MoPac South and Hwy 290 West [On the north side of Hwy 290, just after NTB National Tire and Battery and A-Tex Family Fun Center].

If you are on:

Hwy 290 heading west toward MoPac, take the Industrial Oaks/Monterey Oaks exit.

Hwy 290 heading east toward MoPac, take the Brodie Lane exit and U-turn at MoPac (to go west)

MoPac heading south toward 290 West, take Hwy 290/71 exit and then the first exit after that (exit before merging with Hwy 290 traffic)

MoPac heading north toward 290 West, take the Hwy 290 exit and go under MoPac (do not take the flyover)